Our Greatest Natural Resource.

“In this Commonwealth, where our greatest natural resource is talent, the one threat to our continued prosperity is untapped potential. The public research university is an investment in ourselves and our future.”  

UMass touches every corner of our Commonwealth.




Economic Impact

From the Chair of the President

What makes the UMass experience so uniquely impactful?

The “From the Chair of the President” series explores exactly that. This video series features UMass students and alumni from all backgrounds and walks of life who talk about how UMass shaped their personal and professional lives and set them on their respective paths to success, all from the chair of, and with commentary from, UMass graduate and president Marty Meehan.

All interviews were conducted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UMass President's Circle

Join the President's Circle

President Meehan established the President’s Circle newsletter to keep the UMass community informed about key initiatives and accomplishments. By joining the UMass President’s Circle, you can expect to receive quarterly reports from the president, as well as periodic updates on major strategic initiatives at UMass.



Recapturing an Indivisible America

Like many Americans, I grew up believing in essential truths. One nation, indivisible. E pluribus unum … out of many, one. “We the people,”...

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